Wednesday, 7 November 2007

More on Sky and Google

In August Sky announced to their customers that they would be moving their e-mail to the hosted platform run by Google.

Customers are now starting to see migrations to the platform, with one of the messages below.

What's interesting to me is:
  1. Customers have to go into the Gmail interface and enable POP3 themselves - could they not have done this as a batch job and maintained it via the provisioning interface for new customers?
  2. Customers are being left on their own to re-configure their e-mail clients - could a client software tool not have been provided?
Perhaps the intention is just to get customers onto the platform as quickly as possible and benefit from the advertising revenue, rather than best manage the customer experience.

With an e-mail that long, a customer's just not going to read it and follow the instructions. Prepare for helpdesk call meltdown!