Friday, 23 November 2007

More on Sky's Google fiasco

As predicted on this very blog, Sky's technical support team are clearly being inundated with customers having problems with their e-mail since the migration to Google - due to the customers being very much on their own in making settings changes rather than having the assistance of ActiveX tools (MSI under Vista) to help them on their way.

In stories by Web User and The Mirror, customers are reporting their horror stories - with one Web User contributor still unable to get into his e-mail after 7 calls to their helpline.

A Sky spokeswoman lamely told Web User:
"We were aware this issue would affect a small number of customers and emailed each customer in advance to advise and provide step-by-step instructions of what they needed to do. For customers who use a POP-based program rather than a web browser the migration can not be done remotely, as the customer needs to manually change their settings so their computer recognises where to find their emails."
So why didn't Sky give their customers the tools to help them out rather than leave them on their own? Many companies like Light Image and Motive could have developed them for them, and shouldn't they have given customers much more notice by enabling the Google-style settings on their previous platform and have customers slowly migrate to them?