Tuesday, 3 February 2009

How telco giants use social media

Encouraging to see some news of telco giants in the UK using social media well - in the case of BT it's internally, externally for Virgin Media.

BT looks to have a very feature rich Intranet, and have opened the eyes of the decision makers internally in terms of the tools and features to give their staff to - realising that doing so makes the audience less controllable. Definitely a mature approach to take as a 21st century company - and a great fillip to those who have the "lock 'em down and block things" attitude in large companies.

Wikis and employee home pages on the Intranet seem to be being well used, with plenty of content being generated by staff.

Virgin Media have an extensive community of employees on Twitter and their PR department are using it to communicate with journalists in order to meet what the tech press in particular needs - which is a really innovative way of using the medium.

The cable guys are currently researching the whole area and looking at other ways of using social media to reach out to their customers direct, with a number of what the blogger calls "activists" in the firm getting out there to help people in the meantime as needed.

And Virgin Media aren't the only big brand using Twitter well - some tips from 40 of the best can be found here.