Saturday, 4 September 2010

Microhoo ad integration to complete next month ... probably

With the (US) version of Yahoo! now fully powered for search results by Microsoft's Bing 'decision engine' the companies are now moving ahead at a pace, with Yahoo! advertisers now able to move their campaigns to Microsoft's AdCenter - and a forced migration is envisaged to follow by the end of next month according to Microsoft, but they have given themselves some wriggle room just in case it isn't.

In a blog post Microsoft's David Pann said:
"Microsoft and Yahoo will continue to seek input from advertisers as we work to complete the transition.

While we expect the paid search transition to be complete by the end of October, and we are on track to reach that goal, we still may consider holding off on the full integration of paid search until 2011 if we feel that the transition will in any way impact the holiday season."