Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Virgin to expand cable footprint

Virgin Media are increasing the footprint of their cable network, ensuring that their full range of services are available to another 100,000 homes by the end of this year.

In the first six months of the year they have expanded their cable network, which already passes around half of UK homes, to be available to a further 73,000 residences and the remainder of the number is set to be achieved by the end of December.

The remainder of the homes are set to be achieved through the launch of a new construction programme to cover parts of Southampton they do not already, and the company's broadband executive director Jon James said:
"By extending our unique fibre optic network to parts of the country previously outside our traditional heartland, we're ensuring more people can experience the compelling advantages that a superfast connection can bring and in doing so, support the Government's digital ambitions.

Today's increasingly digital lifestyle requires better broadband and we've seen a strong response from the communities we expand into who are crying out for quality services."
As well as expanding their network the cable giant have been pushing the limits of their exiting network with the completion of a 1.5Gb trial in the 'Silicon Roundabout' area of East London.

Update @1108: The company is also withdrawing from the Westminster area as a result of their "bizarre" network access deal with BT in the parliamentary sector of London which prevents them from rolling out further services in Westminster. Only a few thousand customers are said to be affected by the decision.