Monday, 9 January 2012

Europe undecided on Google search antitrust case

Unlike their American rivals European competition regulators are undecided on whether to launch a formal investigation over claims that Google prefers their web services over those of rivals within their search results, an approach that has resulted in several rivals making complaints about the practice.

In a statement after complaints from Microsoft and others competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia is quoted as saying:
"A thorough assessment of the several categories of allegations of infringements of competition rules brought forward by several complainants is necessary."
The latest complaints against the search giant come from the Spanish newspaper publishers association who have backed up accusations from their Belgian rivals that sites effectively drop off the web if they are not highly indexed by the search giant within Google News listings, with the organisation writing to the European Commission last month to claim that Google "abuses its dominant position" by using news content without paying for it.