Thursday, 1 March 2012

Google+ users spend just 3 minutes on site

The scale of the battle that Google have to establish Google+ as a credible social network in a market dominated by the behemoth that is Facebook is shown by latest data from web measurement firm comScore which reveals that the average user spent just 3.3 minutes on the site in January - which is dwarved in comparison by the average of 7.5 hours on Facebook.

The time on site measure for Google+ has declined from 4.8 minutes in December and 5.1 minutes in November, but is challenged by Google who claim that the figures for the usage of their 90 million registered users are "dramatically lower" than that of their own internal figures, and they also challenged the ability of a third party to effectively measure a service that they say is "designed to augment other services rather than act as a direct competitor to Facebook."

In comparison Facebook has in excess of 845 million users.